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Frequently asked questions

And answers.


What is the Strawberry Tour?

The Strawberry Tour is a golf tournament series for amateurs. Every golfplayer, who does have a Handicap, is a member of a proper Golf Club and therefore is allowed to participate in official tournaments, is eligible to join the Strawberry Tour.


Is there more than one Strawberry Tour?

The Strawberry Tour is unique, every participant can play at any of the Strawberry Tour tournaments according to the tournament calendar on this very website. For residents of Germany there is an extra headquarter in Germany with their own website and separate rankings, see

Everybody else may refer to to the headquarter in Austria and the main website your are on right now.


Which dates should I be aware of?

One season is the period from one final tournament to the next. Usually the finals are in September so one season would be from September of one year to September of the following year.

The cut-off date of the qualification to the final tournament is about 2 to 3 weeks before the final tournament. Please refer to the tournament calendar. Tournaments which take place after the cut-off date are counted towards the score of the next season.

The period of notice is three weeks (21 days) before end of season. If you do not cancel your participation in the Strawberry Tour, your registration will be renewed automatically and you will receive an invoice for the next season. Only after we received your payment, your participation is renewed.


When do I get my Strawberry Tour membership card?

  • At the beginning of every year (usually February).
  • If you join during a season, you will get the card about one to two weeks after we received your payment.
  • Generally the card is not needed to participate in tournaments, what is more important is that you are listed in the players list on the website.


How is my score and my handicap administered?

  • If you are playing a tournament in an Austrian Golf Club, your score will be registered automatically.
  • If you are playing a tournament outside of Austria, please make sure, that your name on the tournament registration (starting list) is spelled exactly the same as on the Strawberry Tour scoreboard (player's list). After a tournament please check that your score is reflected in the Strawberry Tour scoreboard. The Strawberry Tour administers their scoreboard, however your handicap is administered by your home Golf Club.

To determine which handicap-group you are in, your handicap at the day of registration for the Strawberry Tour is used, which does not change during the season.

Read more about the mode of play » HERE «


How do I register for a tournament?

To participate at any given tournament please register directly at the Golf Club, who organizes the tournaments. That's also where you pay the tournament fee. If you would like to cancel your participation, please also contact the Golf Club. Beware: If you are registered for a tournament and you are absent without prior cancellation, the Golf Club may charge the the tournament fee.


Who is responsible for the tournaments?

Generally all tournaments are public and official tournaments, organized by a Golf Club. Which means the Golf Clubs are fully responsible for the tournament, this includes: the whole organization, registration of the players, timetables and tee-off times, collecting the tournament fee, player support, supervision of the tournament and enforcing the rules, as well as cancellations and postponements.


Your question has not been answered?

Please do not hesitate to contact us any time. Just write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.